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Introducing HUMUS, an engaging endeavor brought to life by regional artists Charlotte Haywood and Edward Horne, who originate from Bundjalung Country in Northern NSW, Australia. Their project delves into the realm of interdisciplinary art, effortlessly traversing various mediums such as installation, public art, experimental architecture, immersive theatre design, site-specific sculpture, community engagement, video, sound, textiles, and pedagogy. In Ishigaki, their creative collaboration is deeply rooted in a shared exploration of bio-mimicry, eco-aesthetics, multi-narratives, and reciprocity. At Ma Umi Residencies, they come together to engage in conversations, gather insights, and collaborate with weavers, carpenters, boat makers, musicians, and other local artisans. Central to their artistic endeavors is the exchange and immersion in diverse cultures, honoring their distinctiveness while critically examining prevailing cultural, political, and ecological norms.

Charlotte Haywood, a dynamic and multifaceted artist who passionately engages with communities and explores a range of disciplines. As an interdisciplinary artist, collaborator, designer, facilitator, and provocateur, Charlotte's work is driven by her deep interest in ecologies, cultural botany, materiality, color psychology, language and music as forms of expression.

Bundjalung Country, Northern NSW, Australia >


Edward Horne, a versatile artist who excels in various roles including educator, facilitator, provocateur, commercial art fabricator, and creator of impactful public and collaborative works. Through his art and social engagement, Edward actively incites change and fosters knowledge sharing.

Bundjalung Country, Northern NSW, Australia >

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