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Immersive environmental workshops with local custodian and stakeholders will allow the team and participants to discuss Ishigaki's and other regional environmental ethics from ongoing and transitive customs and practice of the land. Each workshop dangisho will be organised around specific topics of  practices, customs to stimulate a lively discussion around specific inquiries such as follow:


- How can you describe your work, practice in Ishigaki? How is it specific to the region, Island and how much do you consider it different from similar practice outside Ishigaki and /or mainland Japan?


- Do you consider your practice and customs as part of Ishigaki cultural landscape/heritage? How would you evocate its singularities to be sustained?


- What is the biggest challenge of your activities and how your community support you?

Alban Mannisi is a Landscape Urbanist, founder and director of SCAPETHICAL, Built Environment Practice and Research Platform ( His research focus is on the emerging political ecology implementation in landscape planning and the social ecology deployment through various indigenous environmental mediation. His recent projects and inquiries decipher the globalisation of sustainable narrative and the foundation of localised citizen resistance to translate intangible landscape components in environmental design.

Haeyoung Jeong is a WCP (World Council for Psychotherapy) certified psychotherapist since 2013 and British registered art therapist since 1999. She obtained her Dr. Sci. Pth. (Doctor of Psychotherapy Sciences) from Sigmund Freud University Vienna. Her international experience as a practitioner covers Edinburgh, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul where she has worked with a wide range of people of all ages and diverse cultural and societal backgrounds in various settings (

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