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WHO >>>


Who can apply >

Residents over 21 years old, based anywhere in the world, regardless of race, gender, culture, or religion is eligible to apply .

Accompanying guest > 

Successful applicants could wish to be accompanied by a family member or an assistant. This is possible but is first necessary to consult with us beforehand. If approved, the accompanying individual can share all the residency facilities. In this case, the successful applicant is financially responsible for paying both the travel fare and the accommodation fee (6,000 JPY per night) for the accompanying individual.

Accompanying pet > 

Pets are allowed but is first necessary to consult with us. 

Selection process >

Applications are reviewed by our directors and the Selection Committee. We will base our decision on the quality of previous works, the potential and  feasibility within the community and the peninsula.

Residency project proposal >

Selected residents can follow their original proposal or make work inspired by the practical experience acquired once on-site.

Languages >

We can only accept applications in Japanese or English.

Smoking >

Residents are welcome to smoke outdoors. Please respect the property by using ashtrays to dispose of cigarette butts.

HOW >>>


Application name >
We recommend labelling the submitted material with your name-title-01, etc

Application submission security >
We suggest that you saved your submission in a separate document. In case there is an issue with receipt of your application, you will still have your materials saved.

Deadline > 

We will not accept applications submitted past the deadline. 

WHAT >>>

Climate  >

The climate of Ishigaki is sub-tropical, with very mild winters and long, moist and rainy summers. 

Internet >

The house and studio have a fast connection and a router for wireless working.

Material >

MA Umi Residencies does not provide special equipment or working materials. Yet residents are free to use our gardening tools, underwater camera, microscope, etc. In the area there is high quality rocks, red earth, wood, bamboo and other natural materials which can also be used for working. 

Taxes >

Each amount noted in this guideline includes taxes


Accommodations >

Rooms are designed to accommodate 2 people. Yet adding a third futon is possible.

Around the island >

MA Umi locations are quite remote from little Ishigaki City (30 - 40 minutes). We will organise the airport pick up and support small amount of drive around the peninsula and to city. Residents are also welcome to rent a car at the airport or use the local bus. We have an extra car park at each residencies.

Living on/off site >

During their time here, we encourage the residents to immerse themselves in the MA Umi experience.  Those who may wish to spend time in the adjacent island may to do their own expense. However there is an expectation that you will live on-site for the majority of your residency. 

Splitting terms > 

This will be allowed in the future once the 3 locations are jointly opened.

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