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 The residency commenced with a typhoon. Edward took on the task of crafting a table with Japanese traditional joints, using a new set of chisels he had purchased in Osaka.He further pursued his woodworking activities at the beach, where he examined and gathered various kinds of driftwood for the installation. Together with their two boys, they also collected numerous plastic floats, assessed their musical characteristics, and engaged with the shapes and colors.

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HUMUS accomplishments during the residency comprised three key moments: a workshop at Akaishi Elementary School, a lecture and exhibition at the Green Rabbit, and a music performance in collaboration with our local advisors, Mauna Ketai.


With the children from school they made 18 lamps, each starting from a drifted float that they perforate to allow the children to weave though using local plants. They crafted 18 lamps with the school children, starting with drifted floats. Each float was perforated to enable the children to weave through local plants. In the residency garden, a variety of colourful and playful crafted objects breathed new life into found items. The front terrace installation provided the backdrop for a music performance “Rain”, celebrating the joy of rainfall, mirrored by the gentle breeze and the vast expanse of the sky. 

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“Rain” in collaboration with Mauna Kekai - Rumi Sato and Rodoriguez Tatsuhiro Sato

With the participation of Oberon and Lennox Horn

Charlotte Haywoodは、ダイナミックで多面的なアーティストであり、コミュニティと情熱的に関わり、さまざまな分野を探求しています。学際的なアーティスト、コラボレーター、デザイナー、ファシリテーター、挑発者として、シャーロットの作品は、表現形式としての生態系、文化植物学、物質性、色彩心理、言語、音楽への深い関心によって推進されています。

オーストラリア、ニューサウスウェールズ州北部、Bundjalung Country >

Edward Horneは、教育者、ファシリテーター、挑発者、商業美術の製作者、インパクトのある公共作品や共同作品の製作者など、さまざまな役割に秀でた多才なアーティストです。アートや社会との関わりを通して、積極的に変化を促し、知識の共有を促進する。


オーストラリア、ニューサウスウェールズ州北部、Bundjalung Country >

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